Freelance Copywriter
Ester Mignani

Creative, innovative, resolute and always resourceful, I’ve been working as an SEO copywriter since 2012, translating pages and posts into Italian to improve impact, visibility and sales.

What I do?

I turn your English content into original Italian SEO-friendly web texts for blogs, web sites, Social Networks, e-commerce, newsletters and more. My copy is designed to be read by Italian customers, with a particular focus on enhancing your website’s visibility on and other Italian search engines.ite visibility on Google and the other search engines.


My passion for SEO Content and usability

I started writing content for the web before Facebook and Twitter even existed. I kept all my writing on a tiny MSN personal page, which is now lost to history.

After graduating in Communication from the University of Bergamo, I went straight into the job market, initially working with a media agency to manage internationalization projects for SMEs. Next I worked at a web agency writing web content and blogs, Adwords multilingual campaigns and coordinating the SEO team.

Since 2012 I have unleashed my personal initiative and enterprise by becoming a freelance SEO copywriter specialized in online communication, website text writing and translation of content from English, French and German to Italian. Over the years I’ve continued to immerse myself in developing my knowledge of online communication, specializing in website usability. I am able to work alongside programmers and graphic designers to create functional and easy-to-browse websites.


I work with both media agencies and Italian companies, as well as offering consultancy and SEO translation services to foreign companies looking to develop their business in Italy.


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