Content optimization is a fast and convenient way to have better results on a SEO perspective without losing your style


SEO content optimization

Content optimization it’s a particular kind of web text editing that doesn’t only concern correcting the texts through error searching, typos and the writing of a smoother text. Content optimization is much more and concerns primarily its structure.

With a content optimization in fact the whole structure of the article is improved through the addition of titles, links, call-to-action that increase the page visibility on search engines and therefore you chance to be found by potential clients.


Besides the writing of brand new websites I also take care of the content translation and the SEO revision, optimizing your web pages and your articles in Italian language so that they’ll become easy to read on monitor and they’ll improve the positioning of the whole website on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.


Why SEO revising?

Deciding to SEO optimize your texts provides you with all the advantages of an SEO Copywriter-written content, such as increasing your visibility on search engines and offering your website users easy-to-read texts. Moreover, it allows you to get SEO content from text written by yourself, true to your style and personality.

If your website has content that don’t really satisfy you or word-by-word translations to Italian and you want to SEO optimize your texts, CONTACT ME or browse through the MY PROJECTS section of this site to have a look at some websites featuring some of my optimized texts.