The SEO copywriting is a creative writing method that at the same time is also extremely technical and allows you to be found online.


SEO Copywriting for websites

Google and other search engines index the webpages searching for texts that answer the questions the users ask. For this reason is crucial to have original and beautiful although clear and effective web content so that they can be easily found by the “spiders” when the user is looking for a business such as yours.

The number one rule of SEO copywriting is: increase visibility. To do that the copywriters write web content, describing products and services, trying to build your reputation and to make you popular online.

When facing a new market such the Italian one, another essential feature is translating your content to make it SEO-friendly and not just simple translations. Thanks to my knowledge of French, German and English languages I can help you with this task, translating your texts and modifying them to make them fully SEO.

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