Italian item description

Product description in Italian, written to convince Italian customers to buy

Online sales are the future of trade: in 2017 online sales generated estimated revenues of € 23.4 billion, an increase of 20% over the previous year – and it’s growing all the time. But opening your e-commerce store is the easy part. Next you have to make sure people can find you in the vast sea of the Internet.

E-commerce works best when it contains clear and complete product sheets in your customers language, to explain your offer, build confidence and persuade them to buy.


Why transalte your product into Italian?

Many Italian people can understand a little English, but they are far from fluent. That means that if you want to sell your product in Italy, your target may be able to reach your pages and see your products, but they probably won’t understand your content fully and are less likely to trust you enough to buy.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of an Italian customer: would you buy a product without really understanding what you are buying? You can’t touch the product, you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it: the only thing you can do is read the item description. But if it’s written in English or, worse, in a bad Italian, why would you buy?

By optimizing the product sheets of your online store in Italian you can:

    • Have accurate and detailed texts in Italian that will increase trust between you and your potential customers,
    • Offer useful information that will help customers choose your products,
    • Create SEO descriptions that will increase your visibility on,
    • Create customized product sheets that will bring out the essence of your company for the Italian market.

Do you want to open your e-commerce site to the Italian Market?

You have translated your products’ description into Italian, and you want a check from someone with a true Italian mother-tongue and an understanding of what makes copy work?