Ester Mignani

Freelance Italian SEO copywriter

I write content for websites
e-commerce platforms
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social media.

Captivating SEO-friendly content that builds your reputation and credibility in Italy.


50% Italian copywriter, 50% SEO specialist

SEO Copywriter Ester Mignani

I love chocolate. But I hate biros. They just can’t keep up with me.

I love marketing but I like to keep it simple. I write on-point Italian digital copy that helps your ideal Italian clients find you on And my captivating content makes sure they stick around for more.

Italian copywriter

digital content specialist


since 2012

+39 320 17 95 789

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A freelance Italian SEO Copywriter experienced in winning the hearts of the Italian Market

As a freelance Italian SEO copywriter, I charm Italian internet users and search engines alike. My optimised content will help your ideal customers find you on And when you swiftly solve their problems, they’ll become raving fans.

You have a story to tell. So let's tell Italy about what you have to offer and build your credibility.

Credibility is the true mover and shaker of the online world. But foreign businesses who want to be successful in Italy need to work extra hard to earn trust. And if you want your Italian customers to come back time and again, you need to keep that reputation high.

Compelling Italian content can help you forge strong connections with your Italian customers. So don't let cultural differences be a barrier to becoming an industry leader and growing your business.

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Compelling Italian content that captures the Italian market

Content transcreation

I distil the essence of your English text then rewrite it in clear, polished Italian.

SEO content writing

Helpful website content that showcases your brand to Italian customers.

Content optimisation

I make your Italian digital content more compelling and then optimise it for SEO.

Business blog management

An editorial calendar for Italy and interesting, thought-provoking articles for your blog.

Product descriptions

Listings for e-commerce products that Italian consumers can feel without touching.

Social media posts

Written social media content that engages your Italian audience and grows your business.

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