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Ester Mignani

Italian SEO copywriter

Transcreating your English digital content into Italian

How can I help you?

I write optimised content for the Italian market

As an Italian SEO copywriter, I help businesses like yours make waves in Italy. You want Italian internet users to find you online, but you also need to win their trust. Achieve this and more with my English to Italian SEO transcreation service. I write irresistible content that your Italian audience will love. And it’ll make the search engines happy too. Let's make your website a go-to destination for your ideal customers.

I work with

Digital agencies, small businesses, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker

Do you want to market your products or services in Italy? Then let an Italian freelance SEO copywriter be your guide. I can help you if you are:

  • a web developer or graphic designer who wants to offer clients a full service. Add value for your clients with fresh Italian SEO content.
  • a small business who wants to boost your reputation in Italy. My targeted content builds your credibility and earns the trust of your ideal customers.
  • a professional from any walk of life. Crisp, engaging content and articles will help you attract exciting business opportunities in Italy.
  • a communication agency working on multilingual projects. Hiring a specialist Italian copywriter who speaks your language will yield polished, results-driven copy.
Formazione Per Promuovere Azienda Online

How can Italian transcreation help you achieve your business goals?

Improve your Italian content and…

Promote your business
Increase your brand visibility
Boost brand credibility and loyalty

Working with me

You do the talking; I’ll do the SEO Magic

Each content transcreation project begins with an email or call. I know exactly which questions I need to ask to get the information I need. I'll also need a copy of your English text. Once I've digested everything, I'll map out your content pillars. These will then form the basis of your content for the Italian market.

I’ll then go back to Italian SEO copywriter HQ and set to work creating a handy reference document or editorial calendar. Then I'll write and rewrite each page of content until it's clear, coherent and engaging. Once I'm done, I'll add the metatags. These are the short descriptions that appear on the search results page or on social media. They need to be razor sharp and entice users to click on your website.

The content is then yours. To save you time, I can upload it onto your website, blog, or e-commerce site. This saves you from having to figure out where to paste the metadata and other techie details.

My background

From lifelong wordsmith to Italian SEO copywriter

Young Seo Copywriter

I embarked on my journey to becoming an Italian SEO copywriter long before Facebook and Twitter came onto the scene. I wrote my teenage musings on MSN, in between countless English, French and German classes. They're now lost in cyber space, but they sowed the seeds of my career as a digital content creator.

My fascination for marketing took me to the University of Bergamo. I graduated in communications before diving headfirst into the world of work, where I cut my teeth on international business and digital marketing projects.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and decided to go it alone. I launched my career as a freelance Italian SEO copywriter specialising in digital communications and content creation.

Since then, I’ve lived and breathed digital communications. I've devoured courses, workshops, and training sessions on SEO copywriting, online communication and website usability. My obsession led to a Master’s degree in Communication, Information and Publishing. The title of my thesis was ‘Websites and usability: first impressions are what count'.

See my full list of transcreation services

Compelling Italian content that captures the Italian market

Content transcreation

I distil the essence of your English text then rewrite it in clear, polished Italian.

Content optimisation

I make your Italian digital content more compelling and then optimise it for SEO.

Business blog management

An editorial calendar for Italy and interesting, thought-provoking articles for your blog.

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